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British Canadian Amsterdammer William Sutton performs Nouveau Niche, a show about his fascination with the effect and affect of words.

Will did comedy for 18 years before it crushed his soul.
(That’s a joke. He doesn’t have a soul).
He’s performed on stages like the Berwaldhallen, the Old Vic, and the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse.
(He craves attention everywhere)
He loves accents and specialises in Original Pronunciation.
(He sounds like Rumpelstiltskin).
He strives to be near-native sounding in other languages.
(He succeeds in near-idiocy in his own).
He cherishes and develops a Shakespeare passion daily.
(A good excuse to avoid talking and be online).

The show may contain all of the above, plus Helpful language.
And Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

(Yep, he does know them all by heart.
Learned in an Amsterdam Coffeeshop).

He’s Poore but Riche.
He’s Nouveau Niche.

Photo: Maarten Toner

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