Vrijdag 9 september 2022 – BLOK E
Wilhelmina Huiskamerfestival West

TRIO GALANTES is an Amsterdam based Romantic Trio specialized in the big hits of Latin American music‘s  golden age, the 30s, 40s and 50s.

Formed by three classically trained musicians, Alvaro Pinto Lyon (Chile), Humberto Albores Martinez (Mexico) and Augusto Valença (Brazil), singing in close harmony to the accompaniment of acoustic guitars, TRIO GALANTES performs in intimate and large venues a big variety of original and fusion Latin styles, including boleros, coplas, balladas, sambas, rancheras, guarachas, bossa nova and tangos.

TRIO GALANTES came to life in 2017, drawing from its members’ shared passion for the wealth of repertoire of Latino music, and the rich heritage of vocalists-guitarists trios in Hispanic America that traditionally performed the works of Lecuona, Ramirez, Velázquez, Granda, Farrés and many other.

Alvaro Pinto Lyon Chili | Humberto Albores Martinez Mexico | Augusto Valença Brazilië